IT services are moving to the cloud - to web-based applications. Such applications often use OAuth for authentication, allowing for single sign-on capabilities managed by large providors such as Google (Gsuite), Microsoft (Office 365), Dropbox, Facebook, etc.

A Simple Menu Page is a simple, OAuth-compatible gateway to collate all the links that you need your users to access in one place. Users log in with their existing OAuth credentials and see a page of links to resources: simple.

Web-ify Your Existing Desktop Applications can act as an authentication gateway for web-based applications, including for Apache Guacamole based remote access servers. Users can be passed straight through to a web-based application or an application running on a server, all authorised with the same set of OAuth credentials. Desktop apps can be set to run as Remote Apps, viewed via web-based, OAuth-autorised access - as far as the end user is concerned, your old desktop application is now running in a web browser tab and authentication just works.

Easy OAuth Handling For Web-Native Apps

If you are writing a web-based application, using any language or development stack, can handle OAuth authentication for you - your application can handle enterprise authentication from multiple providors via a simple API.